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Faramir Gen/Het Fic Exchange

I am pleased to announce that alexajohnson and I have now opened signups for the second round of the Faramir Gen and Het Fic Exchange, located at faramirexchange. We're very excited, and look forward to making this round an even bigger success than our first!!

Rules for participating in the exchange can be found at our userinfo page, and the place to sign up is at the most recent entry in the community.

We'd love to have as many people as possible, especially newcomers!! So do consider signing up!!

Ficlet for December 25th

Here is the Christmas-themed ficlet, as promised!! And only a day late too.

Now I just have to pop out the faramirexchange ficlet in the next two days or so... *bites nails*...

Title: Saturnalia
Characters: Faramir, Aragorn
Rating: G
Warnings: First of all, there is one mention of movieverse - though it's actually a refutation of movieverse, so don't be afraid. And the mention is so slight as to be insignificant - I just couldn't think of a better transition than to use it. Second, the word "Saturnalia" is a Roman word, that I didn't bother trying to translate from Latin into Sindarin, so we can just pretend it's Numenorean or something like that. Third, it's a bit rushed, if that counts as a warning. Other than that, it's fine. ;)

Inspired by the Roman feast of the Saturnalia, held December 17-23, during which social statuses were reversed, with masters serving slaves and slaves enjoying leisure time.

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A link to my completed table of Advent Drabbles is HERE. Check them out, if you haven't already done so!!

Drabble for December 24th

The last drabble of the advent calendar, and incidentally, one of my favourites.

Title: The Shieldmaiden's Last Battle
Characters: Eowyn, Faramir
Rating: G
Warnings: None whatever.

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Drabble for December 23rd

A belated birthday drabble for laurelote... I had no idea it was your birthday!! I feel rather guilty, but I haven't been online for the past few days, so I seem to have missed it.

At any rate, I managed to include both Rangers and Beregond in this one. :)

Happy birthday, laurelote!! Many happy returns!! *hug*

Title: The New Captain
Characters: Beregond, Faramir, Rangers
Rating: G
Warnings: None whatever.

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Drabble for December 22nd

This is another Imrahil drabble, since a number of you seem to be Imrahil fans. :)

Title: Finduilas the Seabird
Characters: Imrahil, Faramir
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some Silmarillion knowledge is necessary to understand this. Elwing was the wife of Earendil the Mariner and the mother of Elrond (from LotR) and his twin Elros. Rather than give up the Silmaril jewel, she threw herself into the Sea - but was changed into a seabird and flew to her husband, delivering the Silmaril safely into his keeping.

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Children can be easily confused when people speak metaphorically, I have found. Esp a young Faramir, whose imagination was probably captured by tales from ancient lore.

Drabble for December 21st

So I fell a little behind on the drabbles, etc. at the end. It's been very hectic... TONS of cooking (two hams, a turkey, pork roasts, meatloaf, beans, carrots x2, celery, radishes, oatmeal raisin cookies), gift wrapping, and visiting nearly every day. Actually, every day.

So the Christmas ficlet will have to be posted on Boxing Day. It's nearly complete, but I don't feel like staying up until the cows come home tonight to finish it.

But I do have four drabbles to post!!

Title: Those We Remember
Characters: Faramir, Eowyn
Rating: PG
Warnings: None whatever.

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Drabble for December 20th

After yesterday's foray into movieverse, I decided to do a bookverse drabble:

Title: Fathers and Sons
Characters: Imrahil, Faramir
Rating: PG
Warnings: None whatever.

It is not flesh and blood but the heart that makes us fathers and sons. - Johann Schiller

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Drabble for December 19th

Here is today's drabble, hope you enjoy!!

Sorry about the title, but I couldn't come up with anything, so I figured I'd go with the random quote that popped into my head, once again. It's... kinda appropriate, I guess...

Title: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Characters: Faramir, Mithrandir
Rating: G
Warnings: None whatever.

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Drabble for December 18th

Here's today's drabble:

Title: In the Stillness of the Night
Characters: Faramir, Aragorn
Rating: PG
Warnings: None whatever.

I feel like the title is also from a poem (ummm... REO Speedwagon song? I just googled it, but I don't even recall that song at all...), but I don't know - it just kind of came out of my head.

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Drabble for December 17th

I'm all caught up now!!

Title: Captain of the Poros Company
Characters: Faramir, Boromir, Denethor
Rating: G
Warnings: AU. In which Boromir's overly protective tendency changes things somewhat...

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